Transport Secretary Warns Do Your Christmas Chopping Now

The Transport Secretary; Patrick McLoughlin has warned people to do their Chhristmas shopping early as there is a danger of shops being left understocked due to a shortage of lorry drivers.

Due to a recent EU law requiring all Lorry drivers to take a £300 test almost 20,000 truck drivers have taken retirement. The Freight Transport Association has said shop shelves could be left empty due to the shortage.

Many people are likely to face problems shopping this Christmas due the transport problems likely to take affect this year.

Plans To Allow Cabs To Use Bus Lanes Causes Disquiet

Mini cabs will be given a one year trial in a planned effort to allow cabs to use bus lanes in Hanley. The plan will allow the Borough’s 1200 mini cabs to use bus lanes along side the Hackney cabs already in place.

However the proposed changes has generated disquiet and even outrage from the city’s Hackney cab drivers. However the local council believes not allowing Private Hire Vehicles to use the bus lanes is damaging the local economy.

Cllr Jack Brereton said that many local people depend on mini cabs to travel around the town and the current setup was making their travel difficult.

TFL Launch Home Safe Selie Campaign

Transport For London (TFL) have launched the #HomeSafeSelfie campaign to get more people, especially young women using licensed minicabs and Black Cabs after a night out.

The #HomeSafeSelfie campaign is the latest in a long series of efforts by TFL to make people safer, especially women traveling alone, while using cabs.

However the campaign has drawn some criticism by Twitter users who say that the campaign suggests that women are to blame for being attacked rather than the attackers as one person Tweeted: “The best way to ensure women get home safely after a night out is to advise potential perpetrators not to attack them.”

But the plan is generally welcomed as it is hoped it will make female passengers aware being safe while using taxi services. with many cab firms in agreement.